Founded in Paris in 2015, Curate It Yourself – CIY is a non-profit organization, which has as objective to support emerging artists (born after 1980) through the development of a contemporary art collection and the management of exhibitions. CIY is based on networking; our objective being to create an international platform of young curators, collectors, critics, and dealers, committed to sharing ideas and artistic experimentation.

Curate It Yourself – CIY is the idea of a group of young professionals of contemporary art inspired by the DIY way of thinking. Every year the organization will acquire artworks to support the artists, to promote them and to encourage them to explore new possibilities. The acquisition of works and the creation of exhibitions follow a theme drawn up by CIY members periodically. Through the collaboration with a group, of proven expertises, the artists will be given the possibility to access directly the art market. The exhibitions will serve the purpose of showing the work of CIY artists or by promoting and allowing people to discover the collection of the organization.
By working in close collaboration with young artists and professionals, CIY offers itself as a modest alternative in the chaotic world of contemporary art. By analyzing the principal limits of the art system we have noticed with sadness the difficulties emerging artists have in showing and promoting their works as well as the problems faced by young curators or critics in mounting their projects.
This reality has pushed us to assume a clear position which is in harmony with our values. Networking is one of the foundations on which CIY is based: the hunt for new members, artists, sponsors and collectors is always active, in the hope of creating long- term partnerships and to constitute an international platform dedicated to the sharing of ideas and experimentation. The different geographical origins of the members as well as their various cultural horizons will contribute, we hope, to raising visibility and interest for suggested activities in the hope of gaining international recognition for CIY.
Creating a collection and managing exhibitions, necessarily implies a confrontation with the critical standpoint surrounding contemporary curating. Curate It Yourself resists the over-hyped idea of the demiurge curator; it also has as an objective to ensure a long- term relationship with its artists which is coherent, harmonious and based on shared values.