Beatriz Toledo

Beatriz Toledo received a degree in Fine Arts at USP (Sao Paulo). She attended the residency programs at École Nationale Superièure de la Photographie (Arles), at Red Bull Station (São Paulo), at Villa Belleville (Paris), at independent space Pivô (Sao Paulo). The artist had several exhibitions in Brazil and France. She recently participated at the 66th edition of the Jeune Création award (Paris), at the 61st edition of Salon de Montrouge (Montrouge) and at the exhibition Oxymore and more and more (Lieu-Commun, Toulouse). Since 2013, Beatriz Toledo runs, along with Brazilian artist Wagner Morales, the independent space La Maudite (Paris).

01 Beatriz Toledo

Beatriz Toledo, Bloc, 2016. Photography printed on fabric, fond studio, photography on cotton paper, terra cotta bricks, variable dimensions

09 Beatiz Toledo

Beatriz Toledo, Objet de substitution, 2016. Wallpaper, wood structure, 2,5m x 0,8m x 0,4m

13 Beatiz Toledo

Beatriz Toledo, Effacement des lignes existants, 2015. Fond studio, photographies printed on paperboard, table, chair, scotch, frame, foam, foam corner, rope, 3m x 4m x 4m

24 Beatiz Toledo

Beatriz Toledo, Les vases communicants, 2015. Analog photographies, chair, bucket, vases, grease, sponge, rag, raclette, pink paper, gray paper roll, variable dimensions