Ben Elliot

Ben is a self-educated artist.
His artistic practice questions the immateriality of the work of art through its formal materiality, creating a paradox between the form and the idea. His works develop an internal contrast due to the physical reality of the work that is mentally denied by the work itself.

Born in Lille in 1994, he lives and works in Paris.

1 BenElliot_27Ben Elliot, Cases, 2014. PMMA, acetone, water, 24 x 57 x 5 cm

BenElliot_25Ben Elliot, Transparent paper on transparent paper, 2014. Trasparent films, 10 x 15 cm


BenElliot_02Ben Elliot, Box in Box, 2015. Glass in plexiglas, 50 x 40 x 6 cm