Diego Caglioni

Diego Caglioni’s artistic research addresses the field of technology and its impact on contemporary society. He analyzes the descriptive borders, the anthropological meanings and the aesthetic possibilities of the Internet. He expresses his research through various media such as video, sound, installations and photography. In his words, « it’s amazing and very interesting how technology can enter daily life, create dependency, quickly enrich lives and, in the same way, make it poorer. »

Born in Bergamo in 1983. After biotechnology studies he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts G. Carrara in Bergamo

1 Diego caglioni you tube (time) 00Diego Caglioni, You Tube: time, 2008. DVD, PAL, Stereo, 4:3, 00:02:00

Diego Caglioni - vectorscope human flesh lineDiego Caglioni, Vectoroscope (Human Flesh Line), 2013/2014. Ax MSP Software, projector, webcams, variable dimensions

Diego caglioni CLOUD MURMURS - Vinyl Mockup double disc

Diego caglioni CloudMurmurs - head homepageDiego Caglioni, Cloud Murmurs, 2013/2014. Sound project



Diego Caglioni, Preghiera, 2010. Modified mouses, LED light, electrical cables, 160 x 7,5 cm