Edouard Lecuyer

Edouard Lecuyer addresses his artistic research to the evolution of the exhibition space. He defines himself as an inspector; in fact, in his artworks, he analyses the superfluous elements of the white cube, like the spectator, the cyma, the security standards, seen as “handicaps and intruders that occupy the exhibition space”.
The exhibition space is at the same time subject and support in his artistic research. Edouard Lecuyer remodels the term in situ with the term in vitro, that means “in glass” and it alludes to the analysis of a single phenomenon detached from its context. He follows several axes in the development of his works, linked to the notions of time, space and scale.

Born in Nice in 1989. He graduated with honors from École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Montpellier.

1 edouard lecuyerEdouard Lecuyer, Mimesis, 2013. Fire extinguisher, switch, plug, safety box, smoke detector, movement detector, nails, fluorescent tube, variable dimensions