Giorgia Severi

Within her artistic practice, Giorgia Severi aims to educate people to be more conscious of natural treasures and more respectful of the environment. She wants us to change our attitudes by being aware of the importance of living in a healthy planet. Indeed, in this way, people will become more sensitive, more human. She is deeply interested in everything that concerns nature and the relationship between humans and the Earth. With her work Giorgia Severi shows how life and death are intimately related to the Nature as elements of a never-ending cycle that involves every living creature.

Born in Ravenna (Italy) in 1984. She travels a lot for putting into life her projects (Australia, India, France). She studied art mosaic and restoration, subsequently she attended Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna. On the occasion of the Venice Biennale 2015 and in collaboration with Australian Aboriginal artists, Giorgia Severi exhibited her project COUNTRY at Fondazione Gervasuti (Venice). The project was presented as a collateral event for the Australian Pavilion.

1 giorgia severi tree'sChapelGiorgia Severi, Tree’s Chapel, 2011. Site-specific installation, beech braches, 130 x 100 x 110 cm

giorgia severi biennaleGiorgia Severi, Exhibition view, COUNTRY, Gervasuti Foundation, Collateral event of the 56th Venice Biennial of Visual Arts, 2015

giorgia severi ARSA.still3

giorgia severi ARSA.still1Giorgia Severi, ARSA, 2013. Video, 15 min, in collaboration with Daniele Pezzi and Giovanni Lami

giorgia severi antenatiGiorgia Severi, ANCESTORS – KITE MOUNTAIN, 2015. Charcoal on paper, 400 x 300 cm