Hannah Levy

Hannah Levy’s body of work creates a dialogue between a variety of different designed spaces developing its own formal language where ergonomic purpose is suggested but never quite realized. She creates objects with a focus on furniture and other recognizable accessories like swimsuits, towels, and hairpins, from synthetic materials. Her use of silicone, plexiglas, and steel, creates a environment of slick sweaty surfaces. Through her uniquely sensual humor, Hannah Levy makes work that reflects the material nature of synthetic surfaces and the formal components of functional objects. The forms and references within her work present a specific attention to the human body and the care of the self.

Born in New York in 1991, she attended the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main and graduated in 2013 from Cornell University. She is the recipient of the DAAD Study Scholarship for Fine Art and the Cornell Department of Art Distinguished Achievement Award.

1-hannah_levy_03Hannah Levy, Untitled, 2016. Steel, latex, zipper, 86 x 46 x 14,5 cm

hannah_levy_01Hannah Levy, Non-slip Solutions, 2016. Cast epoxy, fiberglas, faux fur, nipple clamp, chain, 8 x 12 x 8,5 cm

hannah_levy_02Hannah Levy, Untitled, 2016. Steel, epoxy clay, acrylic, silicone, plastic tub, variable dimensions

hannah_levy_04Hannal Levy, Installation view Live in yours, play in ours, Galerie Parisa Kind. 2015

hannah_levy_05Hannah Levy, Untitled, 2015. Plexiglass, silicone, 17 x 9 x 11 cm

hannah_levy_06Hannah Levy, Installation view, group show Transitions, Galerie Fiebach Minninger, Cologne, 2015