Martin Monchicourt

The work of Martin Monchicourt refers to the brought up to standard, standardization and profit. The appearance of his pieces is industrial, which is the result of a process of simulation. These pieces could be considered as potential prototypes aimed towards mass production, building bridges between major industry, craftsmanship and the expertise of each of these sectors.
Martin Monchicourt appropriates elements of everyday life and transforms them. In his work he uses codes inspired by architecture, civil engineering, and the domestic realm, merging the private and the public.

Born in Auch in 1986. He attended the École des Beaux Art in Paris and graduated in 2014 with honors.

1 Monchicourt 2014-la-maison-01Martin Monchicourt, La Maison, 2014. Pallets, concrete blocks, beams, tiles, 210 x 100 x 210 cm

Monchicourt Escalier general RVBMartin Monchicourt, Escalier, 2015. Fir, MDF, glycero paint, 267 x 267 x 128 cm

Monchicourt HD 1 (3)

Monchicourt HD 1 (5)Martin Monchicourt, Hors d’eau #1, 2016. Zinc, 261 x 10 x 12 cm

Monchicourt IMG_1698

Monchicourt mibois RVBMartin Monchicourt, Mi-bois, 2014. Noyer, bolts, crate, variable dimensions

Monchicourt surface au sol bis

Monchicourt surface au solMartin Monchicourt, Surface au sol, 2016. Black adhesive, variable dimensions