Maxime Boutin

The artist addresses his artistic research to the notion of diversion, where shapes and images are at the core of his reflection. Maxime Boutin wants to drive the audience in a universe characterized by a sense of suspension in which the artist plays with the inversion of elements. His works show a sense of cyclic nature: there is always a rhythm characterized by moments of tension and moments of serenity, appearance and disappearance.

Born in Colombes in 1988. He graduated with honors from École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Montpellier. In 2015 the city of Crès commissioned him a monumental work, titled Sémaphore.

1 Maxime boutin turritopsisnutricula07Maxime Boutin, Turritopsis Nutricula, 2014. Fan, polyene, led lights, electronic timer, mixed media, various dimensions

2 Maxime_semaphoreMaxime Boutin, Sémaphore, 2015

3 maxime boutinMaxime Boutin, S(L)IDE, 2013. Mixed media, polyester resin, metal, paint, 500 x 300 x 100 cm