Paul Lahana

Within his work, Paul Lahana tries to recreate the superfluous details of our world. His artistic practice is not an attempt to encourage the public to perceive our world in a different way. However he is interested in how daily details appear to us. In the re-making of the lived experience, he aims to create a new one, different from the original in terms of materials and duration. He notices things and details that someone else can completely ignore. Thanks to this field of experimentation, the quality of Paul Lahana’s works lays in his attempts to disguise them within the exhibition space.

Born in Castres in 1988. He graduated in 2014 from École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

1-lahana_survivalisme_2016_casawabiPaul Lahana, Survivalisme, 2016. Yellow plastic wire, wood, variable dimensions

lahana_concreto-2016-casawabiPaul Lahana, Mélange Concret, 2016. Cement, brick, rocks, variable dimensions

lahana_diffraction_2015_immanencePaul Lahana, Diffraction, 2015. Light filters, neon lights, variable dimensions

lahana_minigolf-2016-casawabiPaul Lahana, Mini-golf, 2016. Wood, cement, plastic, rocks, variable dimensions

lahana_time-zone_2016_casawabiPaul Lahana, Time Slot, 2016. Wood, variable dimensions

lahana_tri-ply_2016_casawabiPaul Lahana, Tri-Ply, 2016. Fruit plastic nets, variable dimensions

lahana_will-o-the-wisp_2016_ciy_forliPaul Lahana, Will-o’-the-wisp, 2016. Light filters, neon light, 61,5 x 10 x 10 cm