Virginia Gamna

Virginia Gamna’s sculptures are hypotheses; they are attempts in appropriation. The homology of objects seen at different times and in very different places is the basis of her sculpture work. She explores how two images or objects, apparently identical, can derive from fundamentally different systems of ideas. Practicing casting as a preliminary technique and keeping a photographic notebook, Virginia Gamna produces her «object-sculptures». She considers the duplication of an object as the creation of a look-alike. The relation between the original and its double create a story, which reinvents the gestures that accompanied the technical and cultural elaboration of the original.

Born in Turin in 1989. She graduated with honors from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Paris-Cergy in 2013.


Virginia Gamna, Poses, Une, 2013. Variable dimensions


Virginia Gamna, The column, 2011. Concrete, textile, wire netting. 350 x 40 cm


Virginia Gamna, EXTRA – : Pile, 2014. Reinforced plaster, concrete, steel. 250 x 60 cm


Virginia Gamna, The route to paradise, 2015. Wood, brass, drinking glasses, foam balls, 400 x 40 cm and 220 x 40 cm


Virginia Gamna, As long as they are more than two, 2016. Plaster, resin, artificial sand. Baton : 20 x 4 cm each


Virginia Gamna, As long as they are more than two, 2016. Plaster, steel, rubber. Box : 30 x 43 x 12 cm.