Zazzaro Otto

Taking personal stories and biographical references as a starting point, Zazzaro Otto seeks to direct the spectator’s attention to historical and contemporary facts, inspired by social and political issues of the common people. His artistic practice addresses themes linked to factory work, the alienation of labor, the working class and other problems of the contemporary society such as wars, unemployment and natural catastrophes. The artist employs a certain degree of interaction in his works in order to actively involve the viewer in the process of completion of the artwork.

Born in Sassuolo in 1988. He received a scholarship at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan and graduated in 2016 from the Universität der Kunst in Berlin where he was awarded the Preis der Ursula-Hanke-Förster-Stiftung 2016.

1-zazza-diplomaZazzaro Otto, NYLON, A FAMILY BUSINESS, 2016. IIWW american parachute, metal, motors, variable dimensions

zazza-performance_0002Zazzaro Otto, WHAT ARE YOU BEATING?, 2012. Performance

zazza-spd3Zazzaro Otto, SPADA DA 5, 2015. Copper, variable dimensions

zazza-rsk2Zazzaro Otto, REFUGEE SURVIVAL KIT®, 2015. Mixed media, variable dimensions

zazza-io-non-ceroZazzaro Otto, I wasn’t there, 2012. Metal, vibrating motor, 8 x 10 x 4 m