Curate It Yourself – CIY

Curate It Yourself is a curatorial collective based in Paris run by Claudia Buizza, Pietro Della Giustina and Jacques Heinrich Toussaint. CIY has the objective to support emerging artists through the realization of an artistic program and the creation of a collection. Curate It Yourself mainly collaborates with artists born after 1980 with the goal to bring French artists abroad and to exhibit foreign artists in France. Our working methodology is based on a strict conversation with the artists, to accompany them in the development of their projects.

Curate It Yourself develops a collaborative curatorial practice devoted to the experimentation of new forms and strategies of presentation and display practicing exhibition as medium and applying systemic analysis to the contemporary art world. Negotiation is a key-word of our curatorial approach: an internal negotiation accompanies us from the conception to the realization of the projects while an external one with the artists and the partners allows us to develop different kinds of artistic activities that are based on multi-layered collaborations with any type of audience.

Working as a collective generates specific energies and dynamics, beyond the distribution of responsibilities and tasks, which starts a process of discussion based not on a hierarchical approach and is constantly evolving. This method of work follows a principle of continuous improvement which aims to optimize the resources for, knowledge and skills available within the group. The name Curate It Yourself crystallizes our interest in proposing participative exhibitions, where the public performs a significant role in the accomplishment of the curatorial process itself. We chose to sign our exhibitions under the name of Curate It Yourself, a curatorial collective persona that brings together curators with different visions of contemporary art but with a common point: working with and for the artists.